Home Sedation

IV Sedation

We are the only periodontal office in Brown County that offers IV conscious sedation. This is not general anesthesia. The patient is awake, but time passes very quickly and the patient’s anxieties are greatly reduced or even eliminated completely. The patient is cooperative and relaxed and can open their mouth voluntarily. However, their memory of the procedure is usually very vague. We still need to numb the patient with a local anesthetic, but they seldom remember getting the injections because with IV sedation, there is generally complete amnesia for the about the first eight minutes of the sedation. That is the time during which the patient is being numbed up.

Oral Sedation

Another option for patients and a very inexpensive one, involves oral sedation. We can prescribe pills that you would pick up at the pharmacy before your treatment at our office and take them several hours before your visit at our office. The drawback to oral sedation and IV sedation is that you can’t drive yourself from the office and you must make arrangements for someone to get you home. Many patients drive themselves to the office in the case of IV sedation and then leave their car at the office and return the next day to pick it up. With oral sedation, that is usually not done because you begin taking the pills two hours before your appointment at our office. That means someone has to drive you both ways in the case of oral sedation. In the case of oral sedation and IV sedation, there can be no driving until the following morning.

N2O Sedation

We offer nitrous oxide and it is quite popular in our office. About 50% of our patients request nitrous oxide. We do not even charge for nitrous oxide in our office because we do not want to discourage patients from being relaxed and comfortable. One great advantage of nitrous oxide is that five minutes after you are done inhaling it, it is completely out of your system and you are alert and can drive a car again.



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